Walthers 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse Addition

Walthers Cornerstone 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse Addition
Regular Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $58.00
Manufacturer: Walthers
Manufacturer Part No: 933-2901
* Authentic American Prototype * Holds Engines up to 125 Scale Feet Long * Includes Stall for Bigger Engines up to 145 Scale Feet Long * Modular Design-Easily Expanded to a Full Circle * Compact 10-Degree Stall Spacing * Fine Window Details * Floor Inspection Pits * Decal Signs Included 
This conversion kit adds three matching stalls to the Modern Roundhouse (933-2900, sold separately). With additional kits, you can expand the basic building to any size your railroad requires. Engines up to 125' fit easily inside, and parts to build a single 145' long stall are included - big enough to hold a Big Boy. 
Measures 17-3/4 (20-1/8 with extended stall) x 16 x 5-1/2" 44.3 (50.3) x 40 x 13.7cm. 

AP 8-14

Item Number: 933-2901
Manufacturer: Walthers
Manufacturer Part No: 933-2901

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