Walthers 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse Addition-CLEARANCE

Walthers Cornerstone 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse Addition
Regular Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $45.00
Manufacturer: Walthers
Manufacturer Part No: 933-2901
* Authentic American Prototype * Holds Engines up to 125 Scale Feet Long * Includes Stall for Bigger Engines up to 145 Scale Feet Long * Modular Design-Easily Expanded to a Full Circle * Compact 10-Degree Stall Spacing * Fine Window Details * Floor Inspection Pits * Decal Signs Included 
Though engines started getting bigger early in the 20th century, no one could foresee the monsters that were in regular service by the 1940s. These locos required equally large servicing areas, so some roads simply added and extended a few roundhouse stalls to handle them. This conversion kit adds three matching stalls to the Modern Roundhouse (933-2900, sold separately). With additional kits, you can expand the basic building to any size your railroad requires. Engines up to 125' fit easily inside, and parts to build a single 145' long stall are included - big enough to hold a Big Boy. 
Measures 17-3/4 (20-1/8 with extended stall) x 16 x 5-1/2" 44.3 (50.3) x 40 x 13.7cm. 
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AP 5-14

Item Number: 933-2901
Manufacturer: Walthers
Manufacturer Part No: 933-2901

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