Walnut Ridge Air Prop Racer Problem Solving Kit

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Manufacturer: Walnut Ridge
Manufacturer Part No: 731009
Age 8 and Older.

FEATURES: Not a model! It's a design and build car that you create.
This one almost flies!
The objective with this kit is to design and build a vehicle powered
by a propeller.
Great for individual or small group activity.
There is no right or wrong way to build your vehicle!
Problem solving exercise with 'top secret instructions' if you get
totally stumped!
The basic stuff for operation is supplied.
The body style can become a creative experience.
You can be creative: customize your vehicle and add your own stuff.
Have competitions on uniqueness, distance, speed and alignment.
Parts come in a zip-lock bag that can be used to store and transport
your finished product in.

REQUIRES: Assembly
Small Hammer

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ap 2-14

Walnut Ridge Air Prop Racer Science Problem Solving Kit

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