Hobbymasters carries an enormous stock of building tools and supplies.
Balsa and Bass woods, brass, aluminum, and plastic building pieces, knives, etc. 
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Airbrushes and Compressors
Paasche, Iwata, Badger
Casting and Molding Supplies
Alumilite, Milliput & Woodland Scenics
Dremel Tools and Accessories
dremel, tool bits, sanders
Electrical Supplies
Wire, Bulbs, Battery Holders, Motors etc.
Epoxy, CA, Cement, Glue Aids, & More!
Hand Tools
Allen Keys, Tweezers, Files, Pliers,Drill Bits, Pin Vises
Metal Center
Different metals in lots of different shapes!
Plastruct Plastic Center
Plastic Stock in all Shapes and Sizes
Soldering Tools and Supplies
Soldering Irons, shrink tubing and more.
Wood Center
Sticks and Blocks of Balsa, Bass, and More!