Estes E2X Taser Model Rocket Starter Set

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Item Number: 1491
Manufacturer: Estes
Manufacturer Part No: 1491
FEATURES: An easy to assemble model rocket built with a cardboard body tube,   
            plastic cone, and fins                                             
          Taser to flies as high as 1000 feet        
            into the air.                                                       
          12" parachute recovery.                                               
          Launch system included (launch pad and controller).                   
          Self-stick decals.                                                    
          One year warranty.                                                    
          Illustrated assembly guide and detailed launching instructions.                              
REQUIRES: Assembly                                                             
          yellow glue                                                 
          Finishing supplies                                                   
          Recovery wadding                                        
          Engines: A8-3 - first flight                               
               or  B6-4                                              
               or  B6-6                                              
               or  C6-5                                              
          4 AA batteries  - for launch controller.                    
SPECS:    Skill level: E2X                                                     
          Length: 16.5" (41.9cm)                                               
          Diameter: .98" (25mm)                                                
          Weight: 1.5oz (42.5g)                                                
          Recovery System: 12" Parachute                                       
          Projected Altitude: 1100ft (305m).

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Estes E2X Taser Model Rocket Starter Set

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