Dunecraft Desert Hothouse Windowsill Kit

Dunecraft Desert Hothouse Windowsill Greenhouse Kit
Regular Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $13.50
Manufacturer: Dunecraft
Manufacturer Part No: 021
Ages 4 & Older.

FEATURES: The Desert Hothouse is a collection of easy to grow cacti and
succulents including (but not limited to):
- Giant Saguaro - Century Plant
- Golden Barrel - Joshua Tree
- Old Man - Mexican Desert Pony Tail Palm
- Pin Cushion - Sotol
Plant and decorate your own desert landscape with the sand, gravel,
and rocks.
3 little plastic desert-friendly reptiles.
Detailed plant information and planting instructions.
Vacuum formed greenhouse.
Made in the USA.

INCLUDES: (1) Growing Dome (1) Bag of Desert Gravel
(2) Seed Packets (1) Bag of Desert Sand
(1) Bag Planting Mix (1) Bag of Desert Rocks
(1) Bag of Reptiles


SPECS: Overall Dome Size -
Length: 8-7/8" (224mm)
Width: 4-3/8" (110mm)
Height: 6-1/4" (159mm)

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ap 3-14

Item Number: 021
Manufacturer: Dunecraft
Manufacturer Part No: 021

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