Devcon 5-Minute Epoxy 1:2oz Glue

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Item Number: S205
Manufacturer: Devcon
Manufacturer Part No: s545
FEATURES: Devcon epoxy adhesives cure and join things together by a chemical
reaction between the resin and hardener. This reaction results in
high strength bonds that are resistant to most chemicals.
Use for household, industrial, crafts, or any job that requires
a high-strength, high-quality bond.
Best used on these materials:
-Metal & Wood
-Glass & China
Clear drying color.
Working time (time available to mix & apply product & position
repair): 5 minutes.
Handling time (the amount of time repair should remain stationary for
product to set): 15 minutes.
Full bond strength in one hour.
PSI strength: 1,500 pounds per square inch.
Water resistant.
It is not flammable.
Working temperature range (once fully cured it can withstand this
temperature range): -40 degrees to +200 degrees fahrenheit.
Directions on package.
INCLUDES: One Tube of 5 Minute Epoxy
One Tube of 5 Minute Epoxy Hardener.

COMMENTS: Not recommended above 200 degrees farenheit (93-C). If temperature
is below 40 degrees fahrenheit (5-C), hardening time is
considerably longer.

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Devcon 5-Minute Epoxy 1:2 oz Glue

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